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Solid Channel

Solid Channel is an export homeware company based in Guangzhou, China. We are co-operating since 2008 and we design for them products as ceramic and resin items, furniture and lighting, as well as their exhibition stands and showrooms. 

Our aim is to create every season a fresh image for the company, interpreting the latest trends to suit their style and their target of international clientele and to take the end products to the next level. The diversity of styles from the new classic with a modern twist to the simple contemporary has gained them clients all over the world, giving us the pleasure to see our designs in all kinds of markets. Considering that most of the products in their exhibitions stands and showrooms are our designs we share a big part of the responsibility for the success of the company.  Thus we always bear in our minds how to inspire the customers to create with our designs their own unique concepts, suitable for their country and market.