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Landbond Wendermere

Landbond is a leading professional brand in the furniture industry, based in Foshan and honored as the Green Tree in China's non govermental supported enterprises. They have a network of more than 1.000 brand name shops all around China. We designed some of their showrooms and stores.Their diversity in styles was a challenge for us. For the Teake Chinese section we chose to use traditional decorative items as well as modern ones to mix and match old with new. We had the chance to discover in the market the works of some outstanding local artists who create  paintings and decorative objects inspired from the traditional Chinese culture.

For Wendermere English style section, we went for an all time classic British environment . For the Minim leather sofas and beds area we chose high class decorative objects to create more luxurious spaces. Finally for the young people furniture section we chose colorful and trendy items in order to create a full of energy environment. Overall we wanted to enhance  the diversity and unique ambiance of each style and create harmonic and cosy spaces.