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Homax Tianjin

Homax is a homeware chain of stores all over the China. They are part of the Red Star Macalline Group, the biggest private investment in the country with over 100 malls in mainland China.

We have designed up to now 5 stores in main cities as Shanghai, Chonquing, Tianjin and lately Harbin, a total of 3.500 sq.m. We are currently working on 2 stores, in Wuhan and Shiamen and the target is to open up to 50 stores in the next years. We also participate in the developement of several products and we complete each project by doing the visual merchandising. We use a lot of our resin designs especially for the window and entrance areas because they are eye-catching and create a unique image for the store.

On fist we agreed that the design of the shops will be simple contemporary, cost effective and easy to showcase the products. We have been since then elevating the style up to what is now in the Harbin 2 stores. China is a vast country and the preferences and lifestyle of the people vary a lot from one city to another. So we had to do a lot of research together with Homax people so the style and ambiance in each shop is suitable and at the same time unique for each city.