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Design Lobby Asia

The story started in 2009, when PDC (Product Design Center) was formed, an organisation under Canton Fair umbrella, aiming to connect designers from all over the world with Chinese enterprises. Greece was the first country to sign in. Miracles participated in the developement of PDC and we had an exhibition booth as Hellenic Industrial Design in October 2009 Canton Fair, showing the works of Greek designers. The response was unexpected and we realized that a wider and well organized platform was needed, so Designlobby.asia was created by Vasillios Bartzokas, former CEO of Carteco Design Centre, a visionary, design ambassador, founder and producer of festivals, events, conferences and magazins.

Since then, Designlobby.asia, with offices in Athens and Berlin, has more than 60 members in 15 fields concerning design and architecture. Recently a PDC station was launced in Athens. Through this platform several design and architecture offices have cooperated successfully with Asian brands and created award winning projects.