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BMB - Imagine

BMB is a company based in Shenzhen, China and they produce in their own factory resin and fiber glass special and custom made objects. Their customers are mainly designers, hotels, commercial spaces and overseas importers, who are looking for something exceptional and avant-garde. Our designs are displayed in their booths and shops under the brand name "Imagine". When we create a product  for this project we combine imagination and reality, making little stories, like fairy tails. We push the boundaries to totally reinvent objects inspired by nature. Our latest concept "Save Blue", is about Earth, the Blue Planet.

We use elements as clouds, trees, birds, animals to create a fantasy world where a tree together with a girafe support a table and clouds are shelves and coffee tables. We capture the moment when little birds sit on a reindeer's antlers or on a tree branch. We think out of the box and create eye-catching objects with exciting colors that, we wish, can bring into people's every day life a little bit of happiness.