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Baojule Geniale

Baojule is one of the biggest furniture companies in China, based in Donghuan, with 24 production centers, a total building area of 300.00 sq.m., their productivity is No 1 in the furniture industry. They are not just big, they are China Big. When we visited their showrooms we weren't sure if we could, or even wanted to undertake this project, because the style in most of them is so different from what we do. After a lot of research we felt confident that we can do it. But finally not only we completed the projects successfully, but we really enjoy it exactly because it is so different and challenging.

We apreciated the craftmanship, richness and complexity of materials and decorative objects of these styles and eras. We changed a lot of wall colors, wallpapers,  leathers and fabrics in order to make them more appealing and suitable for the contemporary lifestyle, we designed all the curtains, beddings and pillows and chose from the market all the acessories. We had absolute creative freedom and we completeley reinvented the space. Although the result was very satisfying, we were not sure if our work would be appreciated by the domestic market, so we are truly happy to hear that customers really like it, even some of them choose to decorate their houses exactly as we decorated some spaces.